Corrections Policy

MT News Gujarati welcomes suggestions and rectifications which we receive from our readers in the form of comments, emails, and phone calls. In case of MT News Gujarati receives any complaint regarding the accuracy of our content, the Motion Today (MT News Gujarati) desks immediately put it on hold and determine the facts. Once the facts have been cross-examined, Motion Today (MT News Gujarati) takes a considered decision and appropriately responds to the feedback.

Depending on the authenticity and magnitude of the mistake/error, Motion Today (MT News Gujarati) removes/edits the published information or duly informs the reader in case the original news does not qualify as a mistake and how Motion Today (MT News Gujarati) News Desk arrived at such a decision.

For corrections to or the addition of substantive facts that meaningfully change the story, a correction notice should be placed at the end of the article after the story has been updated. You should also get approval from your Deputy Editor. Once the correction has been made, a notice of the correction should be sent to all.

As per the correction policy, Motion Today (MT News Gujarati) has strengthened its fight against misinformation and created a team to do fact-checking regularly and monitor the content flow on our websites. Motion Today (MT News Gujarati) Media’s fact-checking Unit – MT Fact-checking – actively does fact-checking work. In case of any appeal or feedback, Motion Today (MT News Gujarati)  New Media takes note of the details provided do the correction/corrections following our SOP and editorial guidelines, and also put on record the stories done by the team members which needed corrections.